C.O.W. Members volunteeriing as
Personal Mentors

The primary purpose of our C.O.W. club is "to provide information and education to those interested in turning." 

Responding to C.O.W. members who have asked where they could turn for personal mentoring or to answer their questions, the club has created a new service, Personal Mentoring. 

So far, seven club members have volunteered to serve as Mentors; their names, locations and contact information are listed in the chart below.  Club members are invited to contact them with any questions or needs they might have.

Bruce KernsPataskala Areakernsturns@yahoo.com740-919-5752
Nelson MeyerBerwickNelsonCMeyer@sbcglobal.net614-231-8850
Paul CourtrightDeleware/Powellpcourtright65@gmail.com740-363-6042
Steve WagnerReynoldsburgsrwagner72@yahoo.com614-725-6480
Tom HalePickeringtonthomhale@insight.rr.com740-578-5324