Monthly Club Meeting

  • 14-Feb-2023
  • 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM
  • Holy Spirit Church, 4383 East Broad Street, Columbus, OH

Topic is:  The Physics of Woodturning:  The Why and How of Turning Tool Use

Presenter is:  Dr. Rob Wallace

Understanding how the lathe works to transfer rotational forces to allow the tool to remove material is important for every woodturner to understand not just HOW to do the various methods of tool use, but an understanding of WHY the tools are used in correct technique can improve every woodturner’s skills.  This presentation explains the forces involved with woodturning and how they are transferred from lathe, to wood, to tool – understanding how to control those forces efficiently and with full control throughout the process results in safe and efficient woodturning.  The geometry and position of woodturning tools is also considered, along with understanding the importance of tool rest position, and adequate work support.  Through a ‘no math’ approach of reviewing basic concepts of motion and energy, woodturners will benefit by understanding how to manage forces and tool use to improve their overall turning technique, and make corrections as needed with knowledge of how to control the forces efficiently and safely while they turn. 

Note:  Rob will be presenting from a remote location, and we will be showing his presentation on the club's televisions at the church.

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